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Welcome to Home and Web.  We welcome your interest, and would be pleased to consider your business or service for inclusion on any of the Home and Web sites.

Talk to us today about getting your business online; about custom tailored online promotion, about enhancing an existing site or creating a new website.  At Home and Web we're fussy, particular, detail oriented, and a little pig-headed about getting things just right. We love the internet, and are blessed with a true entrepreneurial spirit. The Home and Web team is passionate about doing things that matter, that anything worth doing is worth doing better.

We love pioneering on the www.  We believe that premium content is of utmost importance. We believe that unless every possible marketing idea or strategy is explored, well then why try at all. At Home and Web we have the need to end each and every day feeling that we've done it up right, feeling that someone, somewhere is saying - 'Now that's a class act'.  We want to do it for us, but we're a little egotistical and mostly we want to do it for you, 'cuz we want to hear you say, 'Boy, you guys are good.'  After all, isn't that what we all want?  To make a difference.  To do it our way.  To do it better. 

We are committed to perfecting diversified marketing strategies for online endeavors, to ensure maximum exposure and more than fair market share of hits and users.  Home and Web is about informative, imaginative, playful content. We like to do things a little differently.  We like to make a splash.  Don't you?

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Our "tireless team" would be happy to provide free estimates on:

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We want to succeed in a big way, and we want you to realize successes you've only dreamt about.  We look forward to hearing from you and to working together towards making the www a friendly, profitable, rewarding experience inside and out.  Wishing you much success online.

We are a family run business. We will be drawing on over 18 years of expertise in marketing, and 12 years online experience to help you market better, smarter and then some .  We welcome the opportunity to show off your business, product or service online. We are absolutely dogged in our determination to provide the best online exposure we can.  Just email.  Then we'll be off and running to shout from the cyber rooftops just for you.  Get Found! online.  Bet we can make you smile, when you even think of us here at Home and Web!


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l, our resident web guru has had extensive experience in all things internet since 1995, at which time he was owner-operator of multi-faceted, busy travel wholesale business located on the beguiling Big Island of Hawaii, serving the USA, Canadian and Asian marketplaces.  Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, honed his artistic and creative skills early on as a landscape designer.  Later moving to Kelowna, British Columbia, delved further into landscape design.  In the entrepreneurial spirit and Judi opened their first restaurant in Kelowna in 1980, which was a popular success in this fine orchard city for 8 years.  Wanting to explore their expertise in the food-drink-hospitality industry, and Judi immersed themselves in the operation of the biggest live entertainment night club in Kelowna.  After a couple of years, 's business acumen started taking him further afield to pursue property development and related endeavors. The quest for leading edge innovative business opportunities led and his creative personal resources to invent and patent a unique, highly successful asphalt imprinting process which can now be found in many countries the world over, (StreetPrint).  Now, residing back in the beautiful wine region of British Columbia 's extensive experience and creative business savvy back him as he dedicates himself to the pursuit of excellence online.  


Judi l, our resident content manager and marketing expert has been working online since 1995, when she was the owner-operator of a busy travel wholesale business located in the quaint village of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Marketing Hawaii to the world was the order of the day. During her years in the travel business in Hawaii, Judi worked closely with such corporate clients as Chanel Corporation and won top marketing and promotion awards, and international recognition. With a bit of a natural gift for the written word, Judi has had travel and food related articles published. (Check out a sampling of small articles: The Beguiling Big Isle , A Taste of Hawaii) Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, even early on, just out of school Judi worked at one of the biggest PR firms in the province, researching top profile projects.  While working Judi studied International Cooking, and shortly afterward moved to Kelowna where she and opened their first restaurant where Judi planned the menus and cooked to her heart's content.  Top quality dishes, unique preparations, great service and good marketing made the restaurant a popular success.  Wanting to branch out, Judi studied travel & tourism, and hotel-restaurant management, landing a challenging job at one of the oldest and busiest Travel Agencies in this Okanagan city.  Before long, after heading up the Vacation division of the agency and handling promotions, Judi's entrepreneurial spirit enticed her to move out into the middle of the Pacific and start her own travel business.  Now, years later, back in the glorious wine region of British Columbia Judi's extensive experience and profound aspirations bring her to the www.  Her goal, to do 'it' better, to make a difference online and off.   

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