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Developing sound online strategies to increase your findability

Simply put, we want exactly what you want; to get your website, your web business found more and more often, by more and more prospective customers.  That's where Home and Web HOT PAGES come in.

Shucks, the world is your oyster.  Let's get you found!  Get your own Hot Page today!

 "I need more people to find my website."
 "I want to improve my search engine rankings."
 "I want more and more revenues generated from the www."
"I need my own web presence."
If on any given day you can be heard muttering one or two or any of the above,
 just say, '
Yes Please make me a Hot Page today!'

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • We create a single webpage on our site, reflecting the personality of your business, product, service, or home to direct targeted traffic to your main website.

  • This allows us to optimize the meta tags and keywords to best attract the search engine crawlers and robots.  It is these crawlers that 'read' the meta tags and keywords then list the webpage accordingly within that particular search engine.

  • Optimum key wording and meta tagging is one of the best tried and true online marketing strategies for positively increasing online exposure.

  • Once we register with the search engines, it can take from 8-12 weeks for the initial registration to 'take'.  But once we're in, we're in.

  • Then we monitor the various major search engines by using varying common query strings that online users would use to find your site.  We carefully monitor your rankings....then we do the next search engine....then we use another common query string and so on.

  • At this point we may alter the meta tags and keywords on your "hotpage" to push the rankings higher.  Then we'll re-register your webpage and do it all over again until we realize the best possible ranking results in as many search engines as we can, with as many common query strings as we can. A tedious process for sure, but one that is definitely result-ridden.

  • Through this process we'd be happy to provide you with feedback that we gather so that your main website developer may use our findings to their advantage.

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